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Summer is coming so a lot of people are super busy working on the perfect bikini body. Now first of all if you want a perfect bikini body all you need is a bikini and a body, very easy :).

I hate the term bikini body, because the image it sets is that you need to be toned and slim to have a bikini body and that’s bullshit.

But I do like to live a healthy life, for me that means eating healthy and exercising enough. But also just enjoy life, and eat whatever I want whenever I want.

So here are some of my tips to include in your life that makes living a bit healthier as easy it can be.

  • Try to include either fruit or vegetables in your main meals, this way you eat enough fruit and vegetables everyday and I think we all know that this is good for you.granaatappel
  • Drink lots of water, try to do this everytime you eat something. I used to forget to drink water but now that use this rule I stay hydrated. This is not only great for your inside but also for your skin!
  • Exercise, and with exercise I don’t mean that you need to spend hours in the gym. Just get your body moving anyway you like. For example I like to go for walks and I do yoga everyday, but taking the bike instead of the car or taking the stairs instead of the elevator already makes a big change. It’s very important that you do something that you love, because like I said enjoy life.
  • Instead of looking for ways to replace your pizza and cookies with healthier versions, try to find new things that you like. If you want to eat pizza just eat the goddamn pizza, don’t torture yourself with a fake pizza when you want the real deal. But enjoy new foods, I never ate hummus and avocado and now I’m a true addict. It’s fun to experiment fith new flavours so try it!
    veggie lunch
  • I love pasta and I love bread, I love carbs. And I will never cut that out of my diet. My mother always gave us wholegrain pasta and bread, this is better for you because it still contains all the nutrients. Also wholegrains take longer to break down, so the energie will be spread over a longer period of time not all at once. This prevents that your energy level will go up and down like crazy. And because I’m so used to the taste of wholegrain bread and pasta I don’t even like white bread and pasta!

I think that these tips are easy for everybody to include into their diet, but please don’t be to hard on yourself and have fun in eating and working out!

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