I am a sucker for any holiday that will allow me to decorate the house and bake cute cakes and what not. And even though my forever fave holiday will always be Christmas.     
My second favorite holiday is Easter.


Have you ever seen a bread bowl cuter than this one? I don’t think so! Also our Easter branch decided to blossom which was a nice bonus.  It’s all in the details, the cute little flowers in the egg, the tiny egg cup with a cute home made birds nest made by my aunt!
In our house not a plate is the same, they are all similar in style but we don’t own two plates that are exactly alike. And when you set up tables I think all the different plates really give a classic Italian vibe. Which I love. Same for tea cups, none of them are the same but yet again the style is the same therefore it all goes so well together. The cups also go really well with the plates, and placing them on top of each other gives a very luxe vibe.

To me adding flowers is something you have to add to your Easter table. Little fun fact my mum used you to own a flower shop, named after me! Anne-fleur. And you can tell, she made the cutest flower combo’s for our Easter table. But she’s also great at putting together beautiful bouquets. For the final touch to your centre pieces you want to put the flowers in some cute vases.

And last but not least, napkins. How adorable are these little bunnies! And since we already have pops of colour on our table, the black and white bunny napkins work great. If you don’t already have pops of colour added to your table, adding some colorful napkins is an easy way to do it!

I hope you will have a wonderful easter. And feel free to share your Easter pictures with me! Hopefully you’ll be able to spend time with those you love, and more importantly I hope for you to eat a bunch of Easter chocolate. 


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