Dear Anna, 

I am happy to see you uploading again on your YouTube channel! I missed your video’s, they feel so natural as if a friend is talking to me. You have been through a rough time, and ever since your video about why you quit YouTube I’ve been wanting to say something to you. 

You have received so much hate, for absolutely no reason. People seem to be able to find the smallest things so offensive. Things like how you eat or they even dare to comment about the way you raise your children. I simply don’t get it. 

And here is why, when I watch your vlogs or your video’s on your own channel all I see is a mother. A loving, funny beautiful mother. Who lives for her family, and who truly cares about her audience. I myself have struggled with an eating disorder, and your video’s made me feel so much better. Eventhough you were going through an eating disorder yourself, and more personal issues, I had no clue. You still had the power to calm me down, to not feel guilty about eating dessert. Your super power is being a mother. You remind me off my own mother, eventhough she went through some not so happy moments at times, she would always be able to calm me down and cheer me up. And so do you. 

You also preached body confidence, and it takes a really strong person to be able to do that while going through confidence issues yourself. You made so many people feel confident, and you deserve a lot off appreciation for that!

Your what I ate wednesday’s were the only type of what I eat in a day video’s that I could watch. And that helped me to realise that having pudding doesn’t mean your world is going to fall apart. Seeing your last WIAW made me so happy, seeing you were doing better.

I even watch your video’s about all the baby/child stuff. Eventhough I am not planning on having my own baby any time soon. I feel like I am going to be so prepared when I am ready to have children though.

I also love how you have a good dose of humour, your snaps/insta stories and tweets crack me up. And you are for sure my favorite milk cow 😉 

You have three beautiful children and it is such a joy to watch them grow up! And the reason why they are such a joy to watch is because they are blessed with lovely parents. You and Jonathan are an amazing team, and that shows when I watch your vlogs. I feel like I need to do a little shout out to Jonathan too, because he is an amazing husband and father (for as far as I can tell ;)). And I simply love watching your fun moments together. You two are basically the Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds of youtube. 

My wish for you and your family is; love. oh, and lots of pizza, I really love pizza.

Yours sincerely,



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