Last tuesday it was valentine’s day. And eventhough I have been in a relationship for 3 years, we have never celebrated valentine’s day together. I never made a big fuss about this, since I think that we already show our love for eachother a lot. So therefore I don’t feel like it is necessary to celebrate valentine’s day. He already spoils me a lot, I am a lucky girl. 

But this year we were both free the night of valentine’s day so we decided to go to the movies. I will never say no to an extra date night. Although next time I would rather go the day after valentine’s day because the cinema was packed. I thought we would just go to the cinema and that was it. And because I like to be a little extra I ordered a box that I could wear, so I could gift myself. Since I’m the greatest gift. I do not have any pictures of this because I was already feeling embarrased enough, walking from my house to his wearing a box..

While I was at work waiting for the e-mail that my box arrived I got a text from Max, telling me that he bought me a gift. And don’t get me wrong, because like I said he spoils me a lot, but I never in a 100 years expected a gift from him on valentine’s day. He always knows how to surprise me, and it drives me insane. When he told me that the gift was red I knew after one wrong guess what he bought me.

For my birthday, I wanted to give myself a gift. Because why not? But I couldn’t choose between a bag or a bracelet. So I sent pictures of both to him and asked him what he would choose. He didn’t help me at all, so I decided to buy neither.

The bag that was on my wishlist, was a red valentino crossbody bag. And he remembered, looked up the picture that I sent him about a month ago. And made me a very happy girl.

I don’t know how he does it, but he always knows exactly how to make me happy or what’s going on in my head. And after three years he still knows how to surprise me.

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