Hey guys! I just came back from a little staycation, I love discovering what my own little country has to offer. I’d never been to Maastricht and I heard so many great things about it. So when me and my boyfriend were thinking about going away for a few days we decided to go to Maastricht. And I obvioulsy took pictures of Maastricht and the hotel we stayed at to share with you!

I took most pictures on a day that it was quite rainy, but I like to think that it adds to the autumnal feeling. 

We stayed at Townhouse, literally right across of the train station and only a 10 minute walk will lead you to the shopping streets.


The living room makes you feel right at home, I personally love the interior. And oh my lord, those books! Next to check in you find a big pot of soup, you are allowed to have a complimentary warm cup of soup whenever you want. During our stay they had mustard and pumpkin soup.




You’re not able to see it on the pictures but our room was actually quite spacious. The bed was comfortable, doesn’t beat the Lloyd though, and again a homey feeling. One thing I didn’t like about are room, was the fact that it was quite dark. We only had one small window so there was not a lot of daylight coming into our room. But I saw other rooms with more windows, so I guess it was just ours. Also the heater made some noise, even while turned off..? But the sound was monotonous so it was easy to fall asleep with. And it was a bit noisy sometimes, I would swear that they opened our door, but they actually opened a door next to us..


They also had beautifull wooden floors in the living/dining room and the bedrooms, I feel like that also adds onto the hominess.

And also here you will find books, love it. 





They had a radio in the bathroom, amazing! That way I can practice my singing since my boyfriend loves it so much! 

And instead of a boring, do not disturb sign, they had Pieteke a cute wooden bird.


We had breakfast at the hotel, the restaurant isn’t really a restaurant it’s more like a extension of the living area. Breakfast really wasn’t special, no fresh juices and the croissants weren’t crispy. However I do love that they get everything from local entreperneurs, from bread to beds.


Like I said it takes only 10 minutes to get to the shopping streets from Twonhouse. Maastricht is a very cozy town, as far as towns can be cozy.. 







It was a very cheesy staycation, from pizza gorgonzola to cheesy chiabatta’s and panini’s.


In the Sweater Weather Tag I talked about my love for the dutch pepernoten. And to my delight, there was a store with 50 different kinds of pepernoten!!! 




I bought truffel cinnamon, limoncello and tiramisu. And this lucky girl got the original pepernoten for free. Oh and our sweet tooth needed some extra candy.


What you see here is a church, but wait untill you see the inside. My heart skipped a beat. 



It’s a bloody bookstore!! I could’ve spent the entire day here, but my boyfriend didn’t…

One night we had Pizza at this little place, Cucina 50. I think this pizza comes close to the pizza I had on Mallorca. Everything, really everything was red in this place.




And after pizza it was time to walk my foodbaby off. I think Maastricht is even cuter in the evening, eventhough it was raining.



Quite romantic don’t you think? Just add two people soaking wet kissing and you have a standard chick flick.


Another day another cheesy lunch this time at. Café Zondag/Sunday Usually the salads that you get on the side taste like rabbit food, but this salad was actually very nice! This little place, I think all the good places in Maastricht are small?? Was 5 minutes from our hotel and they have very original yet delicious lunches/breakfast and I think they also have dinner.




I will definately go back! I think Maastricht has much more to offer than I’ve seen in these three days. Also I’ve tasted my very first vlaai this is a local pie, usually filled with fruit. Never had one before so I went all out and bought three. Cherry, apricot and apple, my favourite was apple.

My final opinion on the hotel; I will go back there, the design made me feel right at home and the staff was very friendly. I would like crispy croissants next time haha and maybe just overall some more breakfast options, I love breakfast, and maybe a room with more daylight. But the location is perfect. From 1/10 I will give Townhouse a 7,5.


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