Summer has been sweet, but I can tell you how ready I am for autumn. There has been something I haven’t shared on my blog yet.. And boy how I wish that I wouldn’t have to share this. Recently my little dog Pip, was hit by a car and died immediatly. Now I won’t be telling you guys the details, but this has caused for me to feel empty and depressed.

So last week when it all became a little too much for me, my mom took me under her wings and we went pumpkin picking! Because when you feel sad, you need a big orange pumpkin hug. Also my mom says I should eat loads of bananas. 

I honestly don’t understand why some people don’t like autumn. Warm colours, hot choco , cozy sweaters and fluffy socks. What’s not to love? 

Eventhough pumpkins aren’t very popular in The Netherlands, I’ve always loved them. They are so cute and chubby, and also how do these colours not make you instantly feel better?


Lately I have been listening to Adelé’s album 25 non-stop. Thanks to Louise from Sprinkle of glitter. I feel like her voice is so perfect for this time of year, warm and soothing like a nice big cup of tea. In Love in the dark she sings ‘I want to live not just survive’. This really struck to me. I feel like that has been what I’ve been doing for a very long time, surviving. So it is time for an attitude change! I always feel like autumn is a time of new beginnings, saying goodbye to the old and preparing for the new. So I couldn’t think of a better time to change my attitude.

One thing that makes me feel extremely happy is, of course, blogging! So I have a lot of ideas for the blog, one of them being baking a pumpkin pie. Like I’ve said pumpkins aren’t popular in The Netherlands, so I have never tried let alone baked a pumpkin pie. Any tips and great recipes are very very much appreciated.


I don’t know if I should tell you this but… I’ve been re-watching Zoe Sugg’s Vlogmass since 2 weeks ago. I feel a bit ashamed saying this. I know we haven’t even entered October yet, but I just felt the need to watch vlogmas video’s. But the reason for telling you was not to embarass myself, but to tell you that I want to do Blogmass! I already have a lot of ideas for blogposts, however I also have my exams around this time.. So I need to see if I can make it all work..


We bought our pumpkins at a farmer close to where I live. He sells them in front of is house, you pick your pumpkin and you put the money in a little box which looks a lot like a mailbox to be honest.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, it was a perfect day to go pumpkin hunting and therefore I wanted to share this day with you. I hope to be back soon with more content on my blog!

Also let me know what your favourite thing is about autumn!

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