My suitcase and my summer dresses are already spread out all over the floor of the walk in closet. I have 4 more days that I can pack and that is plenty of time for me, since I already made a packing list and everything.. 

One of the most important things for me when traveling is my carry on bag, so why not share with you what I like to pack in my carry on bag! 

  • My iPhone + (portable)charger, obviously because where would I be without my phone!
  • Deodorant, no one likes a stinky person including myself.
  • Allergy tablets, because having a runny nose and watering eyes isn’t fun.
  • My wallet with bankcards and cash, I always take cash with me just in case my card decides to stop working for some reason.
  • My passport, because they probably won’t let me go on the plane without id’ing myself.
  • Sunglasses, it will be morning this time when I get off the plane so it is nice if I can see something when I go outside. Plus I’m afraid they will break when I keep them in my suitcase.
  • Snacks, so I don’t get hangry..
  • An extra outfit, we will arrive before we can go into our room. So it’s nice if you can change into a more appropriate beach outfit. Also just in case your suitcase decides to go to the other side of the world, it’s always nice when you have at least one pair of clothes with you!
  • (colouring) book + pencils, to keep myself occupied.
  • Sanitary pads + tampons, I’m a girl.
  • Lipbalm, for those luscious lips.


And that’s it! when I make sure I have all these things with me I can feel assured that I will have a pleasant journey! I seriously can’t wait anymore, I can almost smell the beach.
I hope this was helpful for you, and please let me know what you like to take with you in your carry on bag!

Have a wonderful saturday, and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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