Hello there! For this weeks Sunday Snuggles I decided to do the, or actually one of the many, 25 questions tag! So I can bore you with random facts about me, and because it might be fun to get to know me a bit better.

Let’s get this party started! 

  1. Your full name… Anne de Leeuw, and De Leeuw is dutch for The Lion.
  2. Zodiac sign… Capricorn, same as my mother.
  3. Your bestfriend… Phillipine, not just my best friend but also my crazy ass soulmate.
  4. How you feel right now… Tired haha, I just finished a workout 30 minutes ago. But other than tired, I feel good.
  5. Current relationship status… I have a boyfriend Max, who I am very grateful for. It’s not easy handeling me and all of my crazynes. But he does it very well.
  6. Favourite movie(s)… All the Harry Potter movies.
  7. Favourite song(s)… I was here by beyoncé is the one I want on my funural, yeah bit crazy to talk about that haha. But I don’t really have any favourites.. It just depends on how I feel.
  8. How tall are you… I am 1.75 m, that is 5’9.
  9. 3 things that upset you… When all the teachers plan tests in the same week , seeing someone I love in pain, feet.
  10. 3 things you love… Good food, family (including those who are not related by blood), Netflix.
  11. 3 things that make you happy… The sun on my face, when everything goes as planned, lazy Sundays.
  12. Favourite food… Pizza.
  13. Celebrity cruch(es)… Charlie Hunnam, who is so undetrated! His acting gives me goosebumbs at times. Morgan Freeman, I know he’s old but… I just love him in every movie.
  14. How many tattoos/piercings you have… My ears are pierced, and that’s it. Also I don’t wear earrings haha.
  15. Turn ons… Like or boys..? Good manners, sweet but not too soft, a proper suit.
  16. Turn offs… Bad manners, big ego, feet.
  17. Scarry movies or happy endings… Happy endings, so I can go to sleep in peace.
  18. Computer or T.V…. I hardly ever watch T.V. so computer all the way.
  19. Favorite parfum… Prada, Les Infusions De Prada D’Iris. I would describe it as soft, lovely and fresh.
  20. When was the last time you cried… Yesterday, twice… First because of a new show I’m watching on netflix where a innocent man was finaly freed from his death sentence. And after that because I hit myself with my iPhone in the head pretty hard.
  21. Can you cook… Yes I can, but I prefer baking over cooking.
  22. Do you speak any other language… yes I do, I speak obviously English, Dutch, French and German.
  23. Do you miss anyone right now… Yes I do, my grandfather passed away a long time ago. But I wish Max would’ve been able to meet him, he was a very special man.
  24. Favourite T.V. show… Currently addicted to How to get away with murder, But Sons of anarchy will have my heart forever.
  25. Do you have animals… Yes I have. I have 1 little dog pip, and 4 chickens! One I named Penelopé.

Feel free to use these questions for yourself, and if you like anwser them down below so we can get to know eachother better! 

I hope you’ve had a wonderfull week, and feel free to come back here anytime you like. 

wall art

Me and my boyfriend went to Apeldoorn this week, neither one of us had been there before. But it was a very cute town! We had to go there because his sister had an interview and since it is an hour away from where we live he was going to bring her with the car. However that meant he had to stay there for about two hours, so he asked if I wanted to come with him. And I love adventures so I was in! When we were strolling around town I saw this beautiful wall, and I had to take a picture! I have to give him some credit by the way, because he managed to find the center of Apeldoorn without any navigation!

Enjoy the rest of your sunday! 

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