I want to start off with saying that I’m sorry… I really wanted to upload another blogpost this week, a cooking with pinterest, but with my testweek it was all a bit too much. I did however tried out the recipe, and took pictures so it wil be up the upcoming week. I promise! I try to strive to write at least 2 blogpost each week, but… With my summer holiday right around the corner I want to update it to at least 3 blogpost every week!

Obviously I will keep on uploading my Sunday Snuggles, and in summer I want to add Foodie Friday. On Foodie Friday I will alternate between cooking with pinterest, and other food related post each week. For the other day… I’m not sure yet but that will come in time!

So these we’re my updates for this week haha. The weeks are flying by lately, I think it is because school keeps me so busy. But it’s okay, because it’s only 18 more days before my holiday starts. Yes, every Sunday Snuggles up until my holiday I will count down with you. I have 12 days left of studying, so that means I will have 6 full days to spend on getting everything ready for my holiday! To some that might sound as a lot haha, but to me it makes me nervous. I think I will already start to pack some things I won’t be using up until my holiday, to keep me from going crazy haha.

I also really want to read more this summer, I love reading. But when I’m in school I just can’t seem to find some peace of mind and take time to read. I’ve started the help, I’ve seen the movie already but books are always better than movies so obviously I wanted to read the book aswell. I love the book but I just keep putting it down due to too much craziness in my head.. Can’t wait to take my time and read it, I’ll probably finish it within a day haha. I also bought paper towns, haven’t seen the movie of this one. And I know that the hype is already over and that I’m late to the party. But I prefer to read books when their hype, if there was any, is over. I did the same thing with The fault in our stars, loved this book it made me laugh it made me cry and it made me hate John Green for making me love it so much.

I hope you’ve had an amazing week, and I hope I’ll see you back the upcoming week for my new cooking with pinterest! 

Also if you have any book recommendations, please let me know! Maybe we can start our own book club! 

Lots of love,


banaan pannenkoek


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