Hello ladies!

Summer is right around the corner! Time to get our bikini’s out and have an amazing time on the beach. Unfortunatly getting out in our bikini’s can make some of us feel very insecure.. And for those ladies, like myself sometimes, I’m going to share how you can get a bikini body fast!

Now if you’re looking for a way to loose weight and tone up quickly, there is no shortcut! And I’m also not going to focus on this, because for me having a bikini body, is all about being confident and maybe I can help you with that!

Before we get started we need two things for our bikini body, a bikini and a body. Now that we have a bikini body, it’s time to own it!

  • Please, don’t compare yourself with others. We’re all different, and that is a good thing! It’s important to love your own body, not to adore others.
  • Stand up straight, our posture is very important for our confidence. When you walk with your head held high, you will feel so much better than looking down all the time.
  • Don’t avoid the beach! When I felt insecure about my body it was mostly because I saw pictures of all these super toned girls, wich is beautifull aswell. But going to the beach I saw so many people and everyone had a different body, this is what makes all of us unique and perfect in our own way. So try to not look at it as, oh I wish I looked like that. But like, how beautifull is it that we are all unique! 
  • Workout, only if it is for five minutes. Not to lose weight, but to feel better. It’s proven that when we workout we feel happier. For me this works like a charm, when I workout I feel so much better about myself. And much more confident aswell!
  • Get a bikini that makes you feel good! Wearing something that you like, makes us feel more comfortable! And feeling comfortable is a big part in being able to show (and feel!!) confidence.

I’ve teamed up with @todieforswimwear and we’re now offering 15% off on any of their bikinis from www.todiefor.com! Just use the code ‘ANNEDELEEUWW’ at checkout to get your discount! 

I love the fact that I was able to team up with @todieforswimwear, because they are all about body confidence. You will notice this right away when you check out their site! Models in different shapes and sizes, looking amazing and confident!

We believe in healthy, not in skinny. Before casting each model, we make sure that she is healthy and eating normally without dieting. Working only with healthy models is something that is fundamental to our core beliefs.

Spreading the love of swimwear starts with spreading the love of your own body. That is also why we donate to international foundations against eating disorders. For more info, don’t hesitate to send us an email. 

I’ve had an eating problem for a very long time, so when I saw this on their site I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Their bikini’s are beautifull, and so is their message!
Body confidence really starts with loving your own body, so the fact that they support foundations against eating disorders is such a wonderfull thing. I really hope that we can all make girls (and boys) love their bodies, and walk around on the beach in their swimwear feeling sexy as hell! 

I’ll share three off my favorite bikini’s with you!

bikini 1bikini 2bikini 3

Don’t forget to use my discount code ‘ANNEDELEEUWW’ for 15% off  when you decide to order! And also send me a picture when you did!

What’s your favorite type of bikini? 

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