Hello everyone! Testweek is over, finally! And my body decided to celebrate this with filling my head with snot, because who doesn’t love that..

The results from my testweek so far are great, so I can relax now and enjoy my holliday! Unfortunatly my head filled itself with snot, and I haven’t really been able to enjoy my weekend.. I haven’t even done yoga since friday! Normally I would get very stressed out but I’ve come so far since I started practacing yoga. Right now I can skip yoga classes and eat like crap without feeling like an ugly troll that has gained 3000 pounds. It has been such a long time since I could finally let go of my self destructive  thougts, so I’m actually very proud of myself! 

The past few days Netflix has been my best friend (more than usual..). So for this Sunday Snuggles I decided to show you some of my favorite shows and some of the movies I watched this week!

One of my favorite shows at this moment is… Sons Of Anarchy! This show is by far the best show that I’ve seen in a very long time, I want to keep watching and it never gets boring. I never see the crazy shit coming. In some shows you know from the start what is going to happen, but in this one you won’t.

The Blacklist! I was hooked on this show right from the start, and now I’m waiting for Netflix to upload the new episodes. I feel like it’s taking forever. 

Prison Break, loved this one! I always felt nervous while watching, as if I was the one breaking out haha.

Breakout kings, a lot of action and a lot of humor. And a very bitter sweet ending..

And a show that I’ve probably seen 4 times already, please don’t hate me.. Gossip girl! It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it.. When I’m sick or running out of ideas on what to watch.. Gossip girl just never lets me down.. 


Now for the movies I’ve watched this week!

Let’s start with the Disney movies because.. I’m such a baby sometimes haha!
My all time favorite Beauty and the Beast, this is a classic no explanation necessary.
Princess and the frog, the story is just so cute and it sends out a wonderfull message!

And now for the ”normal” movie… The big wedding! Loved the cast, and it was just a lovely romantic comedy. More comedy than romantic, I think that’s why I liked it so much.

Let me know what your favorite shows and movies are, because I’m always looking for new ones to watch. I’d love to hear how your week has been, and have a lovely sunday!

Now please excuse me while I’m going to inhale these delicious cookies with a soft chocolate core. 




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    1. It is my picture, but it was in a hotel haha so unfortunatly I’m not there anymore.. And yes I’ve seen tangled and I really really liked it!! I might even go and watch it again later tonight haha xoxo

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