you can call me Kanne Kardashian from now on.

I have been doing a Kardashian workout plan for almost 4 weeks now, almost finished! Spoiler it is hard. Kardashians go hard core on their workouts that’s for sure.

And since I was already in Kardashian world for these past 4 weeks, I thought why not eat like one too. So for this what I ate Wednesday we (I) am eating like a Kardashian. And to live that full Kardashian/Jenner life I decided to also throw in 2(!!!) workouts. Because the once I’m doing atm aren’t enough already… Now that I am typing you and have finished my scheduled workout from the plan I have been doing, I kinda regret doing the workouts.. But also the pain feels pretty good..

Enough nonsense let’s get to the important part, what did I eat???

Breakfast was delish honestly. Recipe here


This kept me satisfied for a while, it was quite a lot for me actually. After breakfast I did Kendall Jenner’s ab workout. You can find it here.

Wouldn’t be a Kardashian day without a Health Nut salad, and since we do not have a Health Nut where I live I made my own salad. Same same but different. As you can see I went for the avocado and tuna salad, with toasted pine nuts and pumpkinseeds. Plus some cherry tomatoes and a home made dressing. In the Health Nut salad they add sprouts and sunflower seeds.

Snack time is my favourite time of the day. I went with a family fave.


For dinner I honoured the youngest KarJenner sibling Kylie, with a Mexican dish. Her fave food, the ‘sources’ say. Carrot wraps, with organic meat and Mexican veg mix plus organic cheese.


After dinner time for another workout, this time Kylie’s. Want to give it a try? Click.

After my workout it was time for my final snack of the day, Khlo and Kourts favourite. A yoghurt parfait. Organic Yoghurt ,mango and a healthy all natural granola.


And this concludes my day as a Kardashian. From now on I’ll be invited to all their dinner (parties).

Who’s life should I take over next?

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