This summer has been magical, I don’t know what has happened to The Netherlands exactly. But Mother Nature has gifted us with an amazing summer.

Usually we go on our holiday at the beginning of summer or mid summer. However this year we wen’t towards the end of summer. At first I obviously felt a bit bummed, because I just want to leave the second we book our holiday. But the waiting game this year wasn’t that bad. I feel like I have had two summers, one in The Netherlands and then another at Mallorca. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Minus the working in 300 degrees. 

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to film little bits or if I just wanted to be chillin’ like a villain. Decided to do both ;). At the bottom of this blogpost you will find the video. But if you’d like to see some pics and have some recommendations on where to go, than have a read first!

Cafe del sol, we went here three times. They have a massive menu, so you will at least find one thing you would like. I do however not recommend the pizza, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t a great pizza either. It was just okay. But since there are a lot of places where you can get a better pizza I would do that instead. Salad was delish. And most amazing thing about this place is the fact that it is literally a two second walk from the beach.


We rented bikes and went to Son Servera Through Cala Bona, and had lunch at bar playa. Honestly best calamari I have had in my life so far, and the view alone is worth having a bite here! Also fun fact whilst we were chilling at the beach a fire broke out, and I decided it was time to leave. On our way back we stopped and could see the fire getting worse, and then we saw the spectacular helicopter and plane extinguish the fire! It was pretty cool to watch all of that.


It isn’t the most amazing bike ride I have ever been on, the route isn’t super scenic but it is okay. And like to get some activities in on holiday anyways.



We have been to Cala Bona in the evenings, and for lunch. We walked there from our hotel in Cala Millor, but you could obviously also take a taxi or go by bike. I forgot the name of the place we had lunch, and can seem to find it either, so that’s just marvelous! I can, however, describe it to you. It was in the tiny harbor, you’d walk down the steps towards the boats and tada.

For delicious homemade cakes you should visit Bonanza, and for drinks I’d recommend Smithy’s. Also cider is beer people, I thought I had just ordered a fizzy drink since I don’t really do alcohol and therefore have zero tolerance. Turns out, I made a mistake. Was still nice though, but I simple couldn’t down a pint(!!!) of beer.


Our all-time favorite spot to have drinks in the evenings; Mile’s. They have a big variety of cocktails, I took some sips and they were great. Plus some snacks and a great lunch menu too. The staff is very friendly, Especially the tall guy with the glasses who took our order almost every evening. Note to self; write trip advisor review and don’t forget to give him a lot of credit. He even started to remember our usual order, Bacardi cola for my bf and still water for me. As you can tell I am a next lever party animal. 


Something I have indulged in a lot this holiday, was frozen yogurt. Oh my how I miss it! Hands down best place for froyo in the whole of Europe(!!) is Llaollao. Unfortunately they have super weird opening hours that you also can’t seem to find anywhere so we have also been to Yaa Yogurt. Not bad either, and they also sell other stuff than just froyo. But Llaollao is still my #1. Llaollao is green and Yaa Yogurt is pink.


I obviously couldn’t go home having only had one pizza. So I had three. But the best one out of those was a cheap take away pizza that we ate at the beach. It wasn’t the best because the others sucked. But because it really was a great pizza. It was a bit of walk for me, I wanted to say us. But in all fairness I was the one who had to go get the pizza whilst my boyfriend stayed at the beach working on his tan. it is just past Yaa Yogurt. It’s called Pizzeria & Heladeria Playa Verde Take Away. They also have crepes, just so you know.


The donut in the background was by the way also one of our best buys this whole holiday, I might even go as far as to say the best buy this whole summer.

Now for my final recommendations, Porto Cristo. When we were about 3/4 into our bike ride to Porto Cristo I swore not to go back. Like ever. It was so freaking hot, there were hills and the route wasn’t scenic or even remotely instagrammable with like 5 filters and heavy alteration. However once we arrived my thoughts changed. And I fell in love a bit.


It really has a very chill vibe. And the surroundings are pretty impressive if I do say so myself. We walked alongside the harbor and along the caves. You can actually go inside the caves aswel but I’ve read loads of reviews who say that they didn’t think the experience was worth it. But you might want to look into that yourself. I was already greatly impressed with the outside of the caves.

Now that I see this shot that I’ve made I realize that this is the same picture that’s on the magnet that I bought! I buy magnets for every place that I’ve stayed at, started doing it last summer and I have quite a few already!


Ya girl in her natural habitat, enjoying life. 


If you go on Sunday there is a market, with Churro’s ,fresh juices, bracelets, clothing, fruit, veg and more.


At some point after your a bit horrendous bike ride you will get hungry. And you need to go to Quince or Vibes by Quince. They have two restaurants, one overlooking the harbor and one overlooking the little beach. They have some similar things on the menu’s but not everything is similar so be aware.



If you go there and don’t go for their guacamole I will no longer speak to you. When they asked my how spicy I wanted my guac I thought, wow they must have pretty fresh guacamole. But I never expected it to be this freaking fresh. Just look at it, you can’t see the lime but one way you know your avo has just seen it’s first of this world is if it’s still green, without any lime or lemon juice to preserve it. And that was the case no preservatives no nothing just fresh products making my heart jump a little.

So you can bet your little ass that when we went to Vibes by Quince I ordered it again.


Even the interior is on point, I didn’t take a picture of the bathroom because I thought that might look a tiny bit crazy. But trust me everything just works so well together, you can tell that they put a lot of thought and love into the whole esthetics  and look of their restaurants. Their courtyard is still a lovely place to enjoy your meal, but if you want to make sure you can sit on the roof terrace where we sat, you should probably make a reservation. That’s what we did too.

I think it is safe to say that this holiday and just this whole summer has been magical. Looking at all the pictures and the video’s just makes me want to pack my stuff and go on another adventure. If it was up to me I’d leave right now and come back when it’s december and the Christmas festivities can start.

One can dream right?

If you don’t want summer to end just yet and want to dive into a new adventure from the comfort of your home, click on the video down below. But beware, you could spontaneously book a trip to Mallorca or any other sunny island. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.




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