There once was a time where HIIT workouts were everything to me. I would do them up to 5 times a week. My fave workouts were Lucy’s actually, and still my all time favorite workouts are the video’s she did with Anna.

This year I have been focussed on doing yoga, I have even had a time where I worked out twice a day! Can you imagine haha, one yoga practice and one circuit training. However lately it has just been yoga for me.

With my summer holiday right around the corner I felt it was time to challenge my workout regime a little bit. And since I know that Lucy has the tools to whip my little but into shape, I decided to do one of her many challenges.

She’s been uploading these 7 minute workouts, where you do the workout for 7 days and you could loose 1-2 inches. Only 7 minutes and great results??? Okay count me in.

So if you’d like to know if I had amazing results, or if I flopped… Check the video down below 🙂


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