It al started out as a bit of a joke. Last year these video’s of people hanging out with Alpaca’s surfaced on Facebook. And I became slightly obsessed. I mean have you ever looked at them? They look so cute, and fluffy and quite weird looking actually, and just so happens that I tend to like weird fluffy looking animals.

So from that moment on I decided that I wanted to hang out with Alpaca’s, become their best friend and go on grand adventures together. So like any sane person does when they have a dream, or a slight obsession. You put it on your bucket list. 

And I just so happened to have family in law with great connections to the wonderful world of Alpaca’s. My father in law’s nephew owns a campsite and Bed & Breakfast where they also are home to, you guessed it Alpaca’s. Therefore I did the smartest thing one could do, I asked for an Alpaca hang out day for Christmas. And guess what, my father in law came through big time. His nephew came up with a feed and greet and my Christmas was complete.

Finally the day arrived for me to meet my new bff’s after an 300 hour ride that took us to what felt like the end of the world, it was time to feed and greet. 


First thing I was told, is the fact that Alpaca’s aren’t really into people, like humans. Which to be honest, I get it, I don’t quite like a lot of people either. I was told not to directly approach them, because that would likely scare them away. But to let them come to you and make yourself small, so your not as scary.

What I actually love about this place is the fact that they truly respect the Alpaca’s if they don’t feel like coming up to the people, they just let them be. They also have some babies, omg so freaking cute,  and they don’t force it on the little once to connect with people immediately, he told me they want the babies to really connect with their moms first before they interact with them themselves. And I love this philosophy! Animals don’t have a voice, so it is our duty to respect and protect them. And unfortunately there are also a lot of places where they don’t care about the Alpaca but they care about the money.

I was lucky enough that the Alpaca ladies like food, and their keeper, so a lot of them did come up to us! They are so soft, and all have different characters, plus they have cut ears. The alpaca gentlemen were a bit more curious they came up to us without any food and if you didn’t make any sudden moves and let them smell your hand you could pet them. One of the Alpaca’s named Max , like my boyfriend ( I’ll let you guess which one I like best 😉 ) even came up to my face and I felt a true connection ;).

They are really funny animals and I’d love to learn more about them and hang out with them a bit more, really work on our special bond you know. Friendships are hard work! So Next on my Alpaca to do list, walking Alpaca’s! Which they also do here!

Usually I am really big on capturing everything and trying to take the perfect pictures, because I am what I like to call a memory collector, but I just really wanted to be in the moment this time. These Alpaca’s deserve my undivided attention! However my boyfriend knows me very well so he is the one that took some shots, which I will add to my big ass memory collection. 🙂


Fancy yourself a walk or feed and greet with these awesome creatures? check Zonneveld Alpaca’s 

You can even have a sleepover with them, Insane!!! I personally am planning to go on an Alpaca walk some day soon. 

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