About a week ago, my mom and I went to Amsterdam to visit one of my favorite markets De Noordermarkt.

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam on a Monday or Saturday morning it is worth to check it out! Saturday is my fave day to go, because lots of food hehe. 

And since I hadn’t done a What I ate Wednesday in a while I thought I would film one that day! However I did get a pretty bad headache towards the end of the day, so it’s not quite as rambly as my others ones.

If you go to Noordermarkt and you want to have some breakfast or lunch, def check out Finch! That’s where we sat down and I had a piece of my moms avocado and spinach sandwich. It was define. And they had soooo many more amazing looking things, unfortunately I had a bit of a down day food wise, but when I go back I’ll have it all 😉

I hope that you enjoyed this short but sweet 😉 (that Cannoli was… so great) What I ate Wednesday!

This Friday I will be hanging out with Alpaca’s so watch my instagram for more on that!


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