I am counting down the days till I jump on a plane and fly out to Mallorca to have 15 days of sun sea and lots of food. Last summer we decided last minute to go to Ocean Beach club in Gran Canaria for a mini get away before school and real life would start again.

This hotel oh my. Most relaxing place ever. Our room and our view were a-freaking-mazing. This trip we literally didn’t do anything besides swimming and eating. Usually we like to explore a bit, but we already did that at the beginning of the summer in C’an Pastilla. And it was so nice to just unwind a little. Especially since I was super unsure about my future and that made me stressed out big time.

This was one of my first video’s that I made, so editing isn’t flawless. However it is a nice memory to look back at. And I thought why not share it with you.

Also I still have nightmares about that tuna! Check out the video and you’ll get what I’m talking about 😉 Or don’t and it wil be a mystery forever. Whatever floats your boat.

If you are looking for an amazing super relaxing place to stay and do nothing at haha check out Ocean Beach Club! If you like exploring a bit you should probably rent a car since you can’t really go far by foot or by bike. Definitely check out VIP pizza, and have there chocolate mouse and creampuffs desert. And please skip the Tuna at the beach. 🙂


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