Guess who’s back, back again. It’s me. 

Quite a lot of things have happened since I last updated my blog, and beside that I have also been to Mallorca where I have had the most amazing time with my boyfriend. So I thought it would be fun to share some updates and some travel pics and stories with you.

Well I graduated. I didn’t go to my graduation because I didn’t enjoy my time at this school and therefore I did not feel the need to say goodbye or hear any stupid speaches by my teachers who really don’t care that much. But I still graduated so yay! Now I have my whole future in front of me, don’t we always though, and I’m not quite sure what’s next for me. But we are not getting in to that today!

I have also gone through some changes health wise. Good changes. I have basically been eating whatever I want for the past few months, and only been working out whenever I really want to. This is huge for me because I haven’t felt this normal, in over two years. I don’t schedule my workouts anymore and freak when I can’t do them. I just decide on the day itself if I want to do a workout and what I feel like doing. This unfortunately doesn’t mean that I never feel insecure anymore, or that I have completely stopped thinking about it. But I’m not giving it so much power as before, where it was basically taking over my life.

While all these life altering decisions (pushing the drama here) happened I was enjoying the sun on my holiday in Mallorca. I have been truly enjoying myself, and since I am such a nice girl (shameless self promo) I will share some of my fave pics I took! In another post I will get into our amazing bike rides and I will off course do a Mallorca food diary.

My first steps in Mallorca, and I feel right at home. This year we discovered some amazing new places, I’ll tell you all about that in another blogpost.

I also took over the lifeguard post, after fighting off a shark. I swam with a shark, I survived. I didn’t know that I was swimming with a shark until I got out of the water because the lifeguard told me so, and I turned around and saw a shark right where I was swimming a few seconds ago. But I’ll stick with the story that I was aware and survived because of my mad skills. 

Our holiday wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Palma, no biking accidents this time! If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out this post, here

a little sneak peak, one of the amazing views we saw on our bike trip.

One night we saw all the residents come to the beach, with candles and bbq’s. First we thought they came to the beach to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. But later into the night, it didn’t look like a fun get together. Apparently they celibrated mid summer night aka Fieste de Sant Joan. Max who has traveled to Mallorca ever since he was little never saw this before, and it really was a fun experience.

I couldn’t help myself as soon as I saw this huge pineapple I knew I had to take a picture with it. And I guess my face describes this holiday best.

2 thoughts on “Traveling & updating”

  1. Lovely post….I’m with you on the food front. I used to be a constant calorie counter but I’ve finally gotten over calories and eat so much better now .
    Where you planning to go on your next adventure?

    1. Thank you so much! Happy to hear you’re doing better too. Life is about so much more than calories, food is too good not to enjoy! In august I’ll be going on a short trip to Gran Canaria, never been there before so can’t wait to see what it’s like! I do want to visit other countries/cities in europe any tips?

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