I have been obsessed with the what I ate Wednesday video’s by Erika and Anna (Saccone, on youtube). So I thought why not give it a go on my blog!

It might be a bit late, but hey it’s still Wednesday! and I had an exam today from 09:00 am till 2:45 pm.. So I guess that’s a good excuse to put this wiaw up a bit later.. 

09:53 breakfast;
Half an apple, mum’s homemade granola, skimmed yogurt and some raisins for added sweetness! 

The sun has finally made it’s way to The Netherlands, so breakfast today was eaten outside whilst enjoying the sun. 

11:50 morning snack;
Half the apple that was left from making my breakfast.

again enjoyed in the sun! This weather makes me feel all kinds of happy.

14:09 Lunch;
Mum’s bulgur salad, made with roasted sweetpepper, tomato’s, cucumber and red onion.

Not a pretty picture since I had to eat my lunch at the office, however it did taste very good. And I guess that’s all that matters.

17:22 afternoon snack;
a spotty banana near the pool, just how I like my banana’s.

19:15 dinner;
We had a family dinner, my aunt made the most delicious fries and bbq sauce. And I usually really don’t like bbq sauce. I also had half of a sweet potato filled with goat cheese, sweet pepper onion and some herbs that I can’t remember.. And I had a burger with a bit of salade on the side. And last but not least I had a few pieces of watermelon

That night I did some yoga (since I did HIIT the night before), and if you feel like doing yoga too I will leave the practice that I did down below!


22:09 late night snack;
Mini chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies, with a melty chocolate middle. 

After my workout I craved these cookies, they are my fave and the store that I get them won’t restock them anymore.. So I need to buy myself a bunch of these tomorrow.

And that was it for my first ever What I Ate Wednesday! Hope you liked it, and maybe got some inspiration, also feel free to let me know what you ate wednesday!



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