I am still alive! It has been a hot minute since I updated my blog, due to the holidays and my finals. But I am happy to be back, and to let you know that school is almost over! I still need to do some school stuff, and finish my internship. And when that’s all done, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy my free time.

I know that in the meantime a lot of crazy shit went down. Trump as president? America are you kidding me? But I don’t want to get into that today. Today we are going Back to December where Obama was still president and Santa was around the corner! 

My last trip of 2016 was a mini-cruise to Newcastle with my boyfriend. I meant to post about my trip at least before the end of the year.. But I guess that before the end of february will also do. By the way, can you believe we are already half way through february?

It was our first time on a cruise, and it is so crazy that this boat is just like a little resort. 4 restaurants, a bar, the sea shop to get your snacks, but also parfume, clothes, jewelry and elektronics. They also have a casino and a cinema! I’m not a huge casino fan.. But Max is, so we ended up literally pressing random buttons on the machines. And he actually, eventhough he had no clue of what he was doing, won quite a big amount of money! 

The first night on board we had a burger and fish and chips. The second night we ate at another restaurant, where I had a ceasar salad and Max had steak. The food was good, and the prices were really okay. I thought it would be more expensive because you don’t really have another option than to eat on the boat and they could’ve taken a lot of advantage of that. However the cereal and milk for breakfast, was insanely expensive. 

The experience on the boat was really nice, and eventhough we did not have any acces to tv or internet I really did enjoy myself. I know, shocking. Having fun without tv or internet. Only downside to the boat, I’ve noticed that I do not possess sailor legs. I don’t now if that’s a saying in english, but it basically means that I’m not made for a life on a boat aka I got seasick. It wasn’t very dramatic and Max had tablets to cure the nausea, but I only took those the last evening.. Because I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t seasick at all.

We arrived in Newcastle early in the morning and buses took us to the centre. Funny story, I didn’t want to loose my passport so decided to leave it on the boat. In my head I already went through the security check in The Netherlands, so they wouldn’t check me again. Oh boy was I wrong… So due to my stupidity I almost didn’t get into the UK. Luckily I had my drivers license, an expired I.D card.. and a cute smile.

Other than the really amazing sale, I didn’t think that Newcastle was super special. However I did like to discover yet another city that I had never been before.

We had pizza for lunch In a huge shopping centre, I just can’t remember the name…

Before we get into the next photo series, I need to tell you a little story. When I was just a little girl, my mother bought me a lot of different Peter Rabbit stuff. Amongst these a stuffed animal, and my best friend Peter Rabbit. One day, the day I flew back home from Spain, I lost my Peter in Spain. I was inconsolable. For many years. My mother tried to find another Peter just like mine, but was unsuccessful. Untill Christmas 2015! I got my Peter back! And I cried. Again. But this time tears of joy. 

So when I saw this at Fenwick, I had to take pictures.

He is so cute, isn’t he?

And on that note I like to end this travel diary. This reminds me that I really need to plan some more trips soon! 

I will see you see you next time, I promise it will not take me 3 months to get back.. 

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