In august my boyfriend and I stayed at the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam. And I thought it would be nice to share some pictures with you guys so you can get a taste of Amsterdam. And I will show you why this hotel is bloody awesome.


Is it just me, or does all the fun already start with packing your bag? I have finished Paper towns shortly after this and I hated it. Why does John Green have to do this to me? I hate his books for one reason, they are so bloody real. I always get way to caught up into the stories, and end up not wanting to finish the book while at the same time I want to finish the book. And also getting very offended by some characters. Am I weird? I hate that I love you John Green.



So this hotel is amazing, and it they have rooms for every budget! And don’t think that when your budget isn’t that big, that your room will be boring or plain. Because the Lloyd hotel doesn’t do plain and boring.

We went to Amsterdam by train, the hotel is located at the opposite side of the centre. So from central station we went by tram to get to the hotel, this takes like 5 minutes and is very cheap so don’t worry about that! You get off the tram, walk up the stairs and you will already be at the hotel.

This is a design hotel and you can definatly see it. It might look old from the outside, but inside it has a modern/industrial vibe.

They also have their own library! With extremly comfortable places to read your books.

We had breakfast at the hotel, it wasn’t very special just your typical luxurious breakfast. They do make there own jam, which you have to try. Made my croissant even better.

Now brace yourself, because this room is so pinterest perfect it might become a bit too much for your heart.


Yes, I have indeed slept in a real pinterest dream room. I need this to be my house, and writing this makes me want to book another night in this room right now. The bed guys… I’ve never slept on a bed this freaking comfortable, the bath was big enough to fit two people comfortably. And you could even turn the television to face the tub!

And yes of course I jumped off the swing onto the bed. 

To turn the jealousy up a bit I will share even more pictures of the room.





I could have easily spend my time in this room for the entirety of our stay, but we didn’t. We explored Amsterdam, like we’ve done many times before. But trust me Amsterdam never gets bored. My pro tip for your stay in Amsterdam, don’t follow the crowd. Discover all the little alleys, and let Amsterdam lead you the way.



Yes you can actually have a drink or a bite at this tiny café.



We had lunch at my fave place, Metropolitain. Great for when you have the munchies while shopping, because it’s close to the shopping streets of Amsterdam.

And if you happen to love books, like I do. You have to visit Waterstones, my favourite store in Amsterdam and beyond. Also I think it’s the most beautiful store aswel, but I will let you be the judge of that. Fun fact, the Waterstone doors are the most photographed doors of Amsterdam.




This book…. I am a major Harry Potter fan. So this book was on my wishlist for quite some time, I could have ordered it online or bought it at any other bookstore that sells english books. But you just don’t do that with books this special, you go to the prettiest bookstore you know to buy it. I also finished this one already, and let me tell you I’m not disappointed. 

And for dinner one of the days we went to BURGER FABRIEK, this means burger factory. Where you can make your own perfect burger combo. Or hotdog, and that’s what we did.




And to end this wonderful Amsterdam experience, I would like to share with you my latest addiction. I lived on this drink during our stay. 100% organic baby smoothie from healthy people.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peak in our Amsterdam trip. And trust me if you ever go to Amsterdam, stay at the Lloyd hotel for an extra special experience.



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