After a traumatic week, al I wanted to do was write about fun times. So….. I hope it was worth the wait! 

Hello my fellow adventurers,

After quite some time.. I finally present to you, my Hotel Playa review!

  • Disclaimer: This is my opinion, and this is how I experienced my stay at the hotel. By no way will this review give you any guarantees. 

We stayed in the hotel for 10 full days in July. Our room was on the second floor, and eventhough we didn’t book seaview you could still see the ocean from the side of our balcony. I think you can see the ocean from every room, but when you book seaview you will have the view in the front instead of from the side of your balcony.


We had a very eary flight, so we thought that we would have to wait for a bit before we could enter our room. But we were suprised when we arrived and got our key right away!

The room was clean, modern, not very big but big enough for us. The only things that I could say I would possibly change, are the bathroom because it’s a bit dated, english or dutch channels on the T.V. , a mini fridge to keep your water cold (I later found out that you can rent a fridge..), And last but not least the rooms were pretty noisy so you that was a bit annoying sometimes however it wasn’t a very big problem for us. And that’s it for the changes haha! Also they are already planning on changing the bathroom, and when you pay for wifi (around 3 euro’s a day) you can watch youtube video’s instead of T.V.
The room had A.C. , a bathroom with a proper shower , television, and when paid for wifi and a safe.

Now for the overall hotel itself! It looks very pretty and modern, you have a beautiful terrace with a view of the beach and a solarium that has an insane view of our part of the island! My favorite part of the hotel is the fact that it is litteraly 5 meters away from the beach! They have a bar and a restaurant.


Now for the restaurant, it isn’t really big so when you would want to eat around rush hour you would have to wait for like 5-10 minutes sometimes. We never had to wait for longer than 10 minutes before we could go into the restaurant though. The staff was always very polite and kind, they would even hold our table so we could go to the buffet together!
The food was excellent, they had a very big section with loads of veggies to make your own salad! They also always had fish and meat, even a selection that was put on the grill right before our eyes. And not to worry for all our carb lovers, they always had different kinds of bread and potatos, pasta and foccacia. Also let’s not forget about dessert!
For dessert you had fruit, pudding, cake, ice cream and a lot more. There was also a lot of variety in food everyday, so you didn’t have to eat the same thing for 10 days straight.
Breakfast was just like dinner, excellent and a little bit of variety. But for breakfast I don’t mind. They had loads of fruit, sweet pastries, pancakes, yoghurt with a lot of different and healthy toppings, different kinds of bread, eggs, your typical English breakfast, and a lot of toppings and spreads for your bread. And my favorite part of breakfast was being able to have breakfast on the terrace looking out at the quiet beach.
We didn’t lunch at the hotel, so I can’t tell you about that!

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The hotel also has a bike rental, I can definitly recommend you to go for a bike ride! See my Mallorca #2 ’16 post to see where we went on our bikes. However.. I can’t really recommend these bikes. Ours weren’t really comfortable and my brakes didn’t work properly. There are a lot of bike rentals around the hotel, for the same price and less.

The hotel is located in a more quiet part of this part of the island. C’an Pastilla to be precise. So if you are a party animal you might want to look for a hotel a bit closer to El Arenal, you can still get there by foot but you will have to walk for quite some time.. We wanted a hotel located somewhere more quiet, but we wanted to be able to walk to the bustle. It was a 20-30 minute walk for us each night, and we didn’t mind at all! You also have retaurants and bars closer to the hotel! But we didn’t mind the walk.

The day we left, we had a full day left in Mallorca but no room obviously. This was no problem at all! There was a luggage room, and extra lockers in case you want some more protection. And also a beautiful bathroom/dressing room! Due to these services we were able to enjoy our last day to the fullest!

And now.. Last but definitly not least, the staff! Thanks to them our holiday was complete. All of them, really, were so kind and so helpfull! Without them our holiday wouldn’t have been the same. They speak english, german, spanish and french. They were genuinely interested, and you could feel that they really wanted you to have an amazing stay.
I want to give a special shoutout to the blonde danish woman, she was very sweet and always happy! 

Would I go back? Well.. Hell yes!! If they weren’t fully booked for the rest of the summer we would have probably went back for another week.. 

If I were to give Hotel playa a grade, me and my boyfriend both, would give them an 8 out of 10!! 

For pictures of the hotel room, just go to their website . These pictures really show what the room looks like. I forgot to take pictures before our room was an utter mess.. And this is also a way to send you to their website! So this really is a win win situation.





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