This day we slept in a bit, so I had to go the little supermarket next to our hotel to get us some breakfast. If I just jumped out of bed and went to the restaurant we would have had about 30 minutes to eat. But a couple of days ago I had found out that the supermarket had delicious chocolate croissants, so I made my decision even before I woke up haha.

ontbijt mallorca 2 ontbijt mallorca

The day before this one we actually wanted to go to Palma Aquarium, which isn’t located in Palma by the way, we went there last year and I love it! But when we thought about going we were not alone, literally busloads of people stopped to visit the aquarium.. However since it’s only like 10 minutes away from our hotel we thought let’s just go today, unfortunately people stole our idea again. So this little sad girl and her boyfriend decided to just walk around C’an Pastilla and go to the beach for a little while.

If there is one way to cheer me up it’s with delicious food, so we went to restaurant Mar for the umpteenth time. And oh my lord it cheered me up! Just look at that lunch, seeing this makes me believe in love at first sight.

lunch mar Pizza, cheesy garlic bread and calamari.

And after that… let me just take a moment to praise my sneaky boyfriend haha. After lunch he secretly walked towards the Aquarium, and I just thought we we’re going on a supermarket hunt to find crazy snacks. Untill he surprised me and said that we were going to the Aquarium! The little sad girl was now a very happy girl, this little surprise really made my day.

palma aquarium 8 palma aquarium 4 palma aquarium 9

Palma Aquarium is the largest mediterranean exhibition in the world, plus they dedicate themselves to the protection of species and conservation campaigns. They also have the biggest collection of live corals in Europe. The Coral world International’s , founded by Morris Kahn, is known for the most beautfiul aquariums in the world! And the current president, Benjamin Kahn, was named a hero of the environment. 

palma aquarium 3 I am aware that this isn’t the best photo.. But it is to show you how big the tanks are, because Max (on the right) is 1.90 meters. Pretty big tank right! It also goes way up to where we can’t see it anymore.

palma aquarium 2 palma aquarium 10

palma aquarium 7

palma aquarium 5 palma aquarium 6 palma aquarium 11

palma aquarium 12 The top and bottom belong together so this is another very very big tank.

palma aquariumpalma aquarium 13
Also had to share my attempts of making a picture of my friend the turtle, who just wasn’t feeling me today…


In the evening we visited MG Café again and had an amazing apple pie thingy, it was huge and I loved every single bite.

dessert mg cafe


I truly believe that traveling is an investment in your happiness, wellbeing and personal growth.


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