A few days after the first time that we went to Palma, we decided to go again since it was a bit cloudy this day. Going by bike was fun however for the second round we took a taxi. From our hotel, Hotel playa, C’an pastilla, to palma cost us around 14-16 euro’s.

The queue to get into the cathedral was still long, but I realy wanted to get in there this time so we did! And it took us no longer than 10 minutes haha. The ticket is 7 euro’s and for that you can go into the cathedral, into the museum and you get acces to the coloseum. I think that a lot of people don’t know that because the museum was super quiet.

The cathedral is beautiful, and very impressive. I will share a few of the picture I’ve made with you. And if you want to see more I think you’ll have to visit yourself!

palma kathedraalpalma kathedraal 2palma kathedraal 3palma kathedraal 4palma kathedraal 5palma kathedraal 6palma kathedraal 7palma kathedraal 8

After we visited the cathedral I obviously had to see the museum aswel. In the muesum you mostly see pieces they took out of the cathedral for restoration.

palma museumpalma museum 2palma museum 3palma museum 4palma museum 5palma museum 6palma museum 7

In my next blogpost I will take you with me to Palma Aquarium!

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