Day 2!

Started the day with an amazing breakfast with equal view. It was a bit Cloudy so we thought it would be the perfect day to rent Some bikes and go to Palma!
The weather however decided to turn on us, and the clouds disappeared. So we ended up cycling for 25km with the sun laughing at us. But I actualy liked the sun so ha! There was also a little accident, lets just say that I hope bruises go well with my summer dresses. 

We visited the cathedral and it was beautyful! We’ve only been in the “garden” because the queue to go inside was insanely long. But we might go back later!

We had lunch with the view of the cathedral! (and a photobomber..)

 A cute little place to get a smoothie, on our way back to the hotel from Palma. 

After coming back to the hotel we went to the beach. And then.. The weather decided to turn on us again! It started to rain for five minutes, but again I didn’t mind. I think mother nature just tried to tell me I was too hot 😉 
And to top an amazing day off, I had a brownie in a mason jar, at my favorite place MG Cafe. 

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