Happy foodie friday! On an actual friday this time! I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do for you, and I have decided to share with you on of my favorite breakfasts ever. A lovely and healthy Breakfast Crumble! 

This recipe is seriously super easy, it does take a bit of time because we have to use the oven. But your prep time will be no longer than 10 minutes. Also this breakfast crumble can easily be a dessert crumble, trust me it won’t let you down.

Something else that I love about this recipe is that you can change it to the way that you like! You feel like having a blueberry crumble? Go ahead! Feeling more for apple? Perfect! You can make this recipe anyway you like it without changing the recipe! Yes I’m getting way too excited about this.. 

So let’s dive into the recipe!

What we will need:

  • fruit, 200 gr. ( Today I used one apple, and I didn’t weigh it when I use berries or something like that I do use the 200 gr.)
  • instant oats, 50 gr.
  • Seeds 50 gr. ( I like to use 20 grams of pumpkin seeds, 20 gram of sunflower seeds and 10 grams of a mix with flaxseeds chia seeds and sesame seeds.)
  • melted coconut oil 1 tbsp.
  • All natural maple syrup 1 tbsp. ( You can use any syrup like sweetner that you like, I just found that it becomes more crunchy when I use agave or maple syrup.)
  • When I use apple I also like to add some cinnamon.


First things first, preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius. 

Now we need a bowl that we can put in the oven without exploding, when you’ve made sure you have that we can get started. Use any fruit that you want and put it in that bowl.
Now we are going to take another bowl and add al the other ingredients, and stir everything untill it’s sticky.

ff apple crumble 1

ff apple crumble 2

Now put your sticky crumple mixture on top of your fruit, spread it out evenly. And put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

ff apple crumble 3

ff apple crumble 4

After 20 minutes, it is ready to eat! I just eat it like this, but you can add (greek) yoghurt. Or when you have it for dessert you can add some ice cream! So far I’ve made this with apple and blueberries. I think blueberries were the best! If you want to use frozen blueberries you can, just take them out the night before. When the blueberries defrost you will see a lot of juice, don’t throw that away put put that on top of you crumble!

ff apple crumble 5

As you can tell, the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy the rest of your Foodie Friday,
untill next time! 


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