Happy belated Foodie Friday, I know.. I am very much aware of the fact that it’s Saturday today. But better late than never !

I was craving pancakes for breakfast during my testweek, so I decided to go on Pinterest (obviously) to find a healthy delicious pancake recipe.

When I saw the following picture I was sold.

pancake pinterest 1
This picture is not made by me. It is from the same blog as the recipe. All the other pictures in this blogpost are made by me.

This made me very very hungry, only problem was that I had no blueberries.. So I used raspberries, frozen, but the recipe said that I could use frozen blueberries so same goes for raspberries I guess.

I clicked on the pin and it sent me to the following website:


For this recipe we need:

  • Greek yoghurt
  • Banana
  • Rolled oats
  • Egg whites or big egg
  • (Unsweetened almond) Milk
  • Baking powder
  • Vanilla extract
  • Blue berries fresh or frozen

For the details of the recipe please visit the website! 

I started off preheating my skillet over medium heath with some coconut oil, I had to turn it off again later because it was getting way to hot.. But I think it was preheating for 5 minutes or so.

pp prep 2

While the skillet was preheating I put all the ingredients in my blender, except the raspberries, and blended untill very smooth. And added the raspberries after it was done blending. After this it had to sit for a few minutes, to firm up. It sat for about 3-4 minutes, but I didn’t really noticed a super big difference.

pp batter 3

Time for the fun part!

pp skillet 4


The recipe said it was good for 8 pancakes no way I was going to be able to make 8 with this batter. I made quite small pancakes, and had enough batter for 3 medium size pancakes. They were like the size of my hand, and I have pretty small hands.. Also some had the shape of my hand haha.

When the edges started to get dry on top I flipped the pancake, but the pancake appeared a bit too light..

Yep… So with next one I made myself wait untill the top of the pancake was a little bit dry. And that turned out much much better! Shocking.. 

pp 6

In the recipe they say that the total time for this is 20 minutes, and that is indeed about as much time as it took me so that is great! Because 20 minutes is as long as I can wait for my breakfast haha.

And now…. For the final result… 

pp final result

Topped it with some grape molasses and leftover banana. These pancakes are the perfect balance between sweet and fresh. Because of the banana and berries mixed with greek yoghurt. It also kept me satisfied for the entire morning so that’s fantastic.

They are super nice and fluffy, maybe if I would add bigger eggwhites the batter would give me more than 3 pancakes.

The timing was spot on, the ingredients are easy to get and not too much. The flavour was great, but… It only gave me 3 pancakes when they promised me 8!!

So… I will give this recipe an……. 8 out of 10! Great pancakes, not very special but lovely taste and easy to make!

pp final bite

I hope you enjoyed spending some time with me in the kitchen!

For the next Cooking with Pinterest I have a vegan recipe for you, or a nutella recipe… Let me know what you would like first, 

Have a wonderfull day and I’ll see you again tomorrow! 

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