I have a huge sweet tooth, so when I find something that tastes just as good (or even better) as sugar I feel the need to share it!

Whenever I go to the turkish supermarket, I find myself wandering through the aisles. So many snacks, so many things I’ve never even heard of! I feel like a kid walking around in a candy store.

So on one of my quests in the turkish supermarket I found two amazing things that I had to take with me, and I’m so glad that I did. 

Date syrup, and grape molasses! I saw it, checked the ingredients and took it home with me.

date and grape

And since I’m such a sweetheart, pun intended, I’ve decided to share these amazing products with you! You can leave me a ‘thank you’ note later. 

kicking off with the… Date syrup! 

date syrup

I like dates when it’s used in recipes, but I’m not a big fan of eating them just the way they are. Nontheless, I was more than willing to try it. For me dates are a bit to sweet (pretty crazy since I love sweet things…), but that makes them amazing to use in muffins and such. Before trying the date syrup I’d pictured it to be very sweet, but once I tried.. It’s so weird! Because it is sweet but not super sweet, like I’d expected it to be. It even has a bit of a salty aftertaste just a tiny bit! It’s fluid, but it is a pretty thick consistency. I would definitely recommend it when you want something sweet but not too much. I put it on my banana pancakes and french toast.

And what makes me extremely happy, the ingredient list!

date syrup ingredients

This has to make a foodie happy right!

Now onto my favorite, Grape molasses! 

grape m

I couldn’t stop myself.. So that’s why it looks a bit empty haha. I always call grapes natures candy, I love grapes! Honestly, I’d rather have grapes than actual candy. So I had to take this home with me and try it right away when I got home, as you can probably see.. This stuff is insane, it’s very sweet and it reminds me of the dutch syrup that we put on our pancakes here. This stuff is sweet! But you don’t feel like all of your teeth are going to fall out, it’s a natural kind of sweet. I don’t really know how to explain this haha. But it is much sweeter than the date syrup, I can tell you that. Also this is much more fluid than the date syrup. I would definitly try out both.

Turkish people actually use this as a superfood! They pair it with Tahin and that makes a super healthy and delicious combo, at least that’s what they say. I haven’t tried that yet, but I will later this week and I will tell you if I liked it or not in the upcoming Sunday Snuggles! 

Also can we just take a moment again to honor the ingredient list?

grape molasses ingredients

Oh yeah 100% natural! Here you can really see that I let myself go on this one haha. I just love it so much! I’ve used this one aswell on banana pancakes and french toast.

I think you can use these two in numerous recipes, so I can’t wait to play with it. If you have any ideas or recipes to use the date syrup/grape molasses in, feel free to let me know!

I found a healthy french toast recipe on Pinterest, so stay tuned for another Cooking With Pinterest! 

Let me know if you ever tried these and if you liked it! Also let me know if you’re going to try these, because I’m nosey. 

Have a nice day! 


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