Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out. 

Starting this Sunday Snuggles right away with a special quote. You might have seen this quote before, because it’s really not that original. 

And eventhough I hate cliché quotes, I still wanted to share it with you this sunday. This week has been a pretty normal week for me. But in my head thoughts were all over the place.

This week I uploaded the blogpost about quitting my healthy lifestyle. And I was so sure that this decision was the right one for me! But after posting it and going online, I started to hesitate. Whenever you take a quick look on Instagram, you see all these fit girls eating super healthy and it seems like they have the perfect life. Seeing things like this made me question if I was doing right by changing my old habits.

But after a couple of days thinking about it, it hit me. The decision to change things up in my life, was 100% made up by me. No influences or whatsoever. And the hesitation only started after seeing all these girls on different socialmedia platforms. If I would make the decision to go back to where I started, I would do it because I’m afraid of not fitting in. But if I would take all those influences out, I would stick with my choice to change things up. And since I have to live with it, I should only listen to what I feel is right.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the things I do, or more likely don’t do, is because I’m afraid of not fitting in. I don’t feel comfortable standing out. But I’ve felt like an outsider for quite sometime. Because I wouldn’t do what I want to do, and I would think about it all the time!

So maybe I’m just not born to fit in! Haha.

Now that I’m getting a little tiny bit older, I don’t care super much about fitting in anymore. But I still have those time, Don’t we all? I just wanted to share these thoughts I had with you, because maybe you feel like this too!

Other than having these crazy thoughts haha, I had a good week. Spend some time outside at a really cute place the other day, where I had the most delicious cashew carrot burger! I’ll share some pictures of the scenery below, because it’s adorable. I also went to school.. the last few weeks so I have to stay strong now haha! Only 39 more days to go and I’m on my way to Mallorca! Can’t wait!

gele bloemetjes

Pizza oven

That pizza oven makes my heart race! 

roze bloemetjes



How has your week been? 

Have a lovely sunday, and hopefully I will see you again soon! 



2 thoughts on “Sunday Snuggles #8”

  1. I’ve done a lot of overanalyzing this week, too. Summer leaves me with too much time on my hands, lol. My week has been mostly good–aside from missing my boyfriend, who doesn’t visit until this Saturday, I’ve had a lot of moments filled with sun, yummy food, and laughter.
    I’d love for you to check out my blog and consider following.

    1. Sounds like a good week! I totally get the missing the boyfriend part, so I hope he gives you Some extra cuddles when he visits haha!

      And I Will obviously check out your blog!

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